Powell Peralta Geegah Skull and Sword Silver 9.75

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Become the fabled skate warrior you were destined to be. But wait, a warrior is only as great as his weapon. Better go with the Powell Peralta Ray "Bones" Rodriguez Skull & Sword 9.75 Geegah skate deck.

Deck Shape
Old School
Powell-Peralta Construction

Pro Model
Ray "Bones" Rodriguez
Powell-Peralta Construction - Powell designed and fabricated AirLam low pressure air bladder presses are used to laminate 7 plies of the finest grade American, hard rock maple, with high strength, water resistant glue.

Each deck is then sealed against moisture with a water base acrylic semi-gloss finish. Powell-Peralta decks are precisely controlled in thickness for optimum performance and protect against de-lamination for the useful life of the deck.

SP2 - Spoon Nose II, A reissue of the classic Powell-Peralta Golden Age mold they made the original Bones Brigade’s decks from. Features a spoon nose kick tail with slight concave on the kick tail intended for making 10" x 30" style decks that are non-symmetrical nose to tail.

Concave: Mellow

Concave Depth: 0.460

Tail Angle: 19°

Nose Angle: 5°

Tail Concave Radius: 9 (in)

Nose Concave Radius: 7.5 (in)