HUF x Street Fighter Sake Bomb Set

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Get lit with the HUF x Street Fighter Sake Bomb Set—celebrating the iconic 16-bit arcade game of the late-80s and 90s. Made of thick, clear glass for the perfect pour, the beer mug highlights Ryu performing his signature “shoryuken” uppercut. The ceramic sake cup features Street Fighter’s rare red-colored “hadouken” fireball at front, while the katakana symbol for “Akuma” is at back—a deep-cut of in-game folklore.

• 12 oz glass beer mug featuring Ryu’s “shoryuken” uppercut (a.k.a. “rising dragon fist”) and HUF x Street Fighter II lockup
• Ceramic sake cup with red-coloured “hadouken,” katakana symbol for “Akuma,” and HUF logo at bottom

• Limited-edition HUF x Street Fighter Collaboration