Globe Chromantic Surf Skate-Last In 33

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Medium-length surf inspired swallow-tail cruiser with Slant surf/skate trucks for a surf-like carving experience. Longer in length with a fairly long wheelbase, the Chromantic set up as a surf/skate board offers a stable, easy flowing surf-like carving experience. It’s a great board choice for beginner to intermediate surf/skate riders and larger riders. With the sure footing of its 65mm conical wheels and mellow deck concave it makes wider predictable turns, but the swallow tail adds a nice playful punch. The deck features lo-fi art by Max Loeffler over dye washed maple veneers.

• 33" x 9.5" x 19"wb
• Resin-7 hard rock maple
• Mellow side to side concave
• Slant Surf Skate Trucks
• 65mm 83a Conical wheels
• Split black griptape with top print
• Dye washed veneers
• Featured artist Max Loeffler