Enjoi Bag Of Suck 8.5 - Blue

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The skateboard decks produced by Enjoi tend to be designed with moderate concave and narrow widths. DSM technology is used to construct these decks, which is designed and built for skateboarders by skateboarders. Who knows how to build a skateboard deck better than a pro? No one! The skateboard construction incorporates a 7 ply wood deck with an epoxy resin finish. This allows for a light weight deck with added epoxy strength. Dwindle Distribution’s DSM Woodshop incorporates pro rider input into the construction. The skateboards are designed are under the direct supervision of active pro skateboarders. The intention of this is to translate the nuances of their current decks by providing improvements for better overall design and construction. Once the skateboard design is constructed, it is then delivered straight to the public so that they can ride exactly what the pros ride with absolute consistency.