Truck Size Guide

Truck Size Guide

When it comes to skateboarding, the type of trucks you choose can greatly impact your performance. The three most popular truck brands we sell are Independent, Thunder, and Ace. Each brand offers different sizes to cater to various preferences and styles. Many truck companies market their trucks with different numbers to other brands when they are actually the same size. For this reason this blog will mostly speak in inches wide from axle to axle. This is the same way we measure decks so when looking for a truck to match your deck size this will be less confusing. With this in mind let's delve into the differences between Independent, Thunder, and Ace trucks in terms of size and the specific measurements of each.

Independent Trucks

Independent trucks are known for their durability and reliability. They are a favorite among many skaters for their quality construction and superior turning. Independent trucks come in various sizes, ranging from 129 to 215. The size number corresponds to the width of the hangar in millimeters. For example, Independent 129 trucks are approximately 129mm wide across the hangar. This however can be confusing to measure and we find it much easier to measure from end to end in inches the same way we measure decks. Here is a list of Independent truck sizes and their actual measurements in inches:
129 = 7.6"
139 = 8.0"
144 = 8.25"
149 = 8.5"
159 = 8.75"
169 = 9.0"
215 = 10"

Thunder Trucks

Thunder trucks are recognized for their lightweight design and responsive turning capabilities. Thunder trucks are available in sizes ranging from 143 to 161.
146 = 7.6"
147 = 8.0"
148 = 8.25"
149 = 8.5"
151 = 8.75"

Ace AF1 Trucks 

Ace AF1 trucks are celebrated for their unique geometry that provides a smooth and stable ride. Ace AF1 trucks come in sizes ranging from 33 to 66. 
33 = 8.0"
44 = 8.25"
55 = 8.5"
66 = 9.0"

Choosing the right truck size is crucial for achieving optimal performance and comfort while skateboarding. Whether you prefer the durability of Independent trucks, the responsiveness of Thunder trucks, or the stability of Ace trucks, selecting the appropriate size based on your preferences and skating style is key. We generally recommend getting a truck to match the size of your board, having your trucks flush with your deck gives you have the right amount of space to lock into grinds and ensures a good amount of stability. However at the end of the day skateboarding has many different styles and ways of riding, find what works for you and try new things. Your skating can be greatly affected by your components and your personal preference may change over time. If you have any questions about your skateboard feel free to give us a call or email!

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