A History of Khyber Pass Skate Shop

A History of Khyber Pass Skate Shop

Khyber Pass is New Zealand’s first store dedicated to skateboarding. The skate store opened in 1978 and has become iconic in the New Zealand skateboarding community.

Khyber Pass has a proud history and has been a major driver behind growing skateboarding in New Zealand... We live and breathe it every day!  We’ve also continued the tradition of having real skaters working in store so our customers get the best and most knowledgeable advice.

Since opening the skate shop in 1978, we’ve expanded our product offering from new and emerging companies to industry classics whilst remaining core to skateboarding.

We stock a wide range of major international skateboarding brands along with leading New Zealand skate and streetwear labels.  Our products include skateboards, skateboard hardware, accessories, footwear and clothing.

We pride ourselves in being The Original Skate Shop, serving as New Zealand's core skate store for over 40 years. Physical skate shops are crucial to the local skate community, we'd like to thank every who's helped keep us alive this long, here's to another 40 years!